Residential Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaning-servicesFor dust and dirt, vacuum cleaning the carpet is a fairly safe option to start with. If dirt and grit are allowed to build up for too long, they can actually damage the carpet’s delicate fibers, so you should look to vacuum your carpets as often as your schedule allows it. This includes using the vacuum cleaner’s special tools to clean the parts of the carpet in places that are harder to reach.

Stains are, however, much harder to deal with and there are several methods of varying effectiveness at your disposal. The first thing to keep in mind is that a stain should be addressed as soon as possible, as the longer it remains unchecked, the likelier it is to become permanent. You should first look to blot the stained spot with a rag or tissue while avoiding rubbing, as it can cause the stain to become even deeper. If that doesn’t help, you will have to apply an outside component in hopes of removing the stains. Different causes of the stain call for different ingredients to be applied while cleaning, with some working better for some causes and not so well for others.

Previously, natural ingredients were a popular choice when attempting stain removal. For example, white bread was a common choice to try and remove oil stains, lemon was used to remove ink and turpentine was used for grease-related stains. Nowadays, however, chemicals are much more prevalent and have a higher rate of success, but some can also carry certain risks depending on the rug material. If one wants to avoid the use of chemicals on their carpet, be it out of concern for the carpet’s fabric or over chemical exposure, they can try the hot water cleaning method. It involves using special equipment to spray the affected areas while vacuuming to draw out the dirt that was hopefully dissolved by the hot water bursts.

A biodegradable compound is often used in cases where the use of chemicals is required. This compound is referred to as an absorbent as it, once applied, looks to absorb any dirt or grime from the carpet into itself. Once the absorbent is vacuumed, the carpet should be clean, but much of the success of this method is reliant on the way the absorbent compound was scrubbed into the carpet, as hand scrubbing is usually only effective for cleaning the top third of the carpet. This is one of the reasons why you might want to leave carpet cleaning to the professionals if the stains and filth accumulation are serious enough.