slider01-1250x425Oftentimes, we think of carpet stains in reactionary ways. Only once they have occurred do we consider how to remove them and what we might have done to prevent them. While removal of any potential stains on one’s upholstery and carpets is necessary once the staining has occurred, many aren’t aware of additional steps that can be taken as part of carpet care in order to prevent staining and make the fabric more pleasant to anyone coming in contact with it.
When carpet cleaning professionals are hired, they will first look to address any stains and filth that might have accumulated on the carpet or upholstery. When this is done, they will look to prevent any further staining through application of a protective agent to the carpet. This protective chemical is applied to the surface of the carpet or upholstery and serves as a deterrent for any potential spills and dirt that could find their way to the fabric.
This protection presents itself in two different ways. First, it reduces the likelihood of any dirt and liquid being absorbed into the actual fabric by looking to keep them above the surface level and greatly reduces the amount that actually goes through. Second, the protective agent gives you more time to prevent any stains that might occur on the fabric as it keeps the spilled liquid on the surface for as long as possible. It’s commonly known that the difficulty in removing a stain is directly related to the time it took you to blot out the initial cause of it, but often the damage is done as soon as the liquid hits the fabric as it instantly starts making its way through. With a protective agent holding it back, you have a chance to stop the staining or, at the very least, reduce the potential difficulty in removing it.
Furthermore, carpet cleaning professionals will also deodorize the fabric should you request it. Stains and dirt are just part of the problem in many cases, as the fabric can hold smells for a very long time if it has not been properly treated. This is especially true in some of the more infamous cases of carpet and upholstery staining like that of pet urine. Pet urine on fabric is notoriously hard to deal with and can not only be difficult to locate but might also continue emitting a strong odor long after the stain has been dealt with.
Because of the strength of the deodorant that the carpet cleaning professionals use, pet urine odor and any other substance causing a foul smell will be efficiently and quickly dealt with. The scent of this deodorizing agent is often gentle and non-invasive, so many who seek carpet cleaning services will ask for its application even if they are not experiencing odor issues with their carpet or upholstery. Fabric that smells nicely is much more attractive and pleasant to the people around it and will improve the quality of the entire room where it is located. It’s unlikely that you can get anywhere near the same level of protection and deodorizing treatment for your fabrics without the help of professionals..