curtain-cleaning-londonWhen one is thinking of cleaning the fabrics in their home, they most often think of carpets and upholstery. While it’s true that these fabrics most easily attract accidents because of their nature and location, something that is often overlooked is the cleanliness of one’s curtains and even window blinds.
Yes, curtains are less likely to attract stains as they are propped up in the air as opposed to being on the ground, but this by no means guarantees that they will remain pristine for an indefinite amount of time. Moreover, curtains will rest on a very aesthetically sensitive spot. As they are behind the windows of your home, dirty curtains will not only disgust the home owners and any potential visitors but will also be up for display for anyone outside of the home. Unclean curtains or those with stains on them can quickly make it seem like the entire home is dirty and unclean.
Because of the amount of people that can pass by your home and see your curtains, any curtain stains or filth should be dealt with immediately, perhaps even sooner than stains on carpets and upholstery. Dirty curtains can become such from a variety of actions. An example could be a pet urinating on them  at any level, whether from the floor or by climbing on the window ledge. Needless to say, a yellow stain on an otherwise beautiful white curtain is a horrible sight and a bad appearance for your home. Even if the pet urine spot is out of sight, the odor can become an immense nuisance and ruin the overall quality of life. Those with birds as pets could have their birds land on top of the curtain and defecate underneath, potentially staining the curtain throughout.
Even those without pets can find their curtains have become unclean over time, becoming more yellowish or even attracting mold in places with low ventilation. Pulling the curtains with dirty hands is another common cause for them becoming stained. If you find that washing your curtains was an unsuccessful attempt at removing the stains or improving their color, or you have curtains made with a delicate fabric that isn’t fit for being submerged in water and subjected to detergent, you should consult a professional carpet cleaning service.
While these services specialize in the cleaning of carpets and upholsters, they will readily service your curtains should they become dirty and stained as they are merely another form of fabric in one’s home. The professionals you hire will be well-versed in cleaning all types of fabrics and will swiftly deal with all kinds of stains and filth that your curtains might have attracted as well as possibly restoring the curtains back to their original color. They might even handle cleaning the adjacent window blinds that can easily become very dirty over time from various outside sources. These services will cause your home to shine both from the inside and the outside, and everyone in the vicinity will know that you care about the appearance of your living environment.