24-hour-carpet-cleaning-serviceStained carpets and floors are never a pretty sight and can be a cause of panic for home owners, often rightly so. Sometimes, the staining is severe enough that the home owner needs immediate help, either because of other people potentially witnessing the mess or because of the hygienic and odor-related issues. In such situations, certain companies offer the service of emergency carpet / floor cleaning.

This involves dispatching several professionals to your home as soon as you contact the cleaning company. These professionals will quickly assess the cause and severity and waste no time getting to work in a timely fashion. One reason why you might want emergency carpet / floor cleaning done is because certain stains, both on carpets and on floors, can become increasingly harder to remove as time passes and they become dry. If you have severe staining, scheduling an appointment might not always be the most optimal course of action, as it can sometimes take the cleaners days to arrive, making the stain much more difficult to remove. Of course, there is also the issue of odor becoming increasingly difficult to deal with as the substance causing it becomes more and more ingrained into the carpet or the floor.

Not every company can provide emergency situation cleaning services, so you might need to check with several different business until you can find one that does. Also, the prices of emergency services tend to be steeper than if you were to wait for a scheduled arrival, but the extra price for the service potentially ends up saving you money. Having to replace an entire carpet is bad enough, but what about replacing the floor covering when the staining on it has become permanent after too much time had passed?

If you are unwilling to sit by and do nothing until professional help comes, but do not wish to pay extra for emergency services, or you simply can’t find such a service in your vicinity, there are emergency cleaning methods you can attempt that are relatively safe and can act as a type of band-aid until the cleaners arrive.

Start off by using a spoon to scoop off any residual substance that did not get absorbed into the carpet or floor. Then, in the case of carpets, blot out the affected spot with a piece of cloth, avoiding rubbing as it can make matters worse. Placing the cloth on the spot and pressing might also help by absorbing even more of the substance into the cloth. In the case of stained floors, you can try your luck with a regular floor cleaning method: scoop up any remaining substance off the floor if it isn’t entirely liquid, wipe the spot with a dry cloth and then proceed to scrub the floor with the usual mixture of water and detergent. This foolproof method of do-it-yourself emergency cleaning is the best you can do until professional cleaning help arrives. Don’t try any methods of cleaning you aren’t familiar with, especially in the form of chemicals that you have never before applied to the surface in question, in order to avoid potentially considerable negative effects.