Glass of red wine spilt on carpet.

The technology used for carpet cleaning, just like most other types of technology, is constantly evolving. The methods that are useable for carpet and upholstery cleaning today weren’t necessarily available a decade ago, making the present-day process much easier and more thorough. However, most people don’t have access to state-of-the-art cleaning machinery as it is highly specialized and often very expensive, prompting them to seek the services of dedicated professionals and cleaning specialists. The hot water extraction method is one such sought-after method of service.
When people reach out to carpet cleaning services in order to get a hot water extraction for their carpets, they are most often doing so because of stubborn stains that are deeply rooted in the fabric. When a liquid spills on top of a carpet or upholstery, it can often go all the way through, meaning that simply wiping the surface with water isn’t enough. Furthermore, the liquid can bind to the fabric in such a way that it is almost impossible to remove through normal means.
This is where a professional cleaner using a hot water extraction machine comes in. This machine works through several levels. A high-powered stream of water is sprayed onto the surface to agitate any stubborn dirt or liquid bound to the fabric. This is where the difference between a commercial and professional-grade cleaning machine first becomes apparent, as commercial devices will lack the sufficient power to successfully affect the source of the stain. The water sprayed also needs to be very hot in order for this process to work, which is why this way of stain removal is sometimes referred to as steam cleaning. Lastly, once the source of the stain has been loosened, it is extracted using a strong vacuum, leaving behind clean fabric that merely needs to be dried out.
Depending on the location of the carpets and upholstery, the cleaning professional will decide between using a truck-mounted extraction machine for higher power or opting for a portable device in order to reduce the effort involved in moving carpets and furniture outside of the building. The cleaner might choose to apply an alkaline solution to the surface of the fabric first before spraying the high-temperature water across its entirety. Once the solution has been smeared across the surface, bursts of hot water will be sprayed throughout before the vacuuming begins.
Alternatively, depending on the fabric and necessity, the cleaning specialist might forgo applying the alkaline solution and simply attempt to use the hot water to address the stain. Because of the high temperatures associated, this will often prove to be sufficient. After the extraction finishes and the stain has been successfully dealt with, carpet cleaning services also offer to dry your carpet or upholstery of any remaining water to avoid saturation that could lead to mold being formed. As these services deal with every part of the cleaning at an affordable price, from the moment the stain is first addressed to the end of the process when the fabric is clean and dry, they are a great choice for anyone dealing with stubborn stains that resist all treatment.