rug-padAs one witnesses a stain on a carpet or upholstery, the first question that often pops to mind is whether there will be any discoloration once the cleaning is done. The second question tends to be whether the entire carpet will need to be cleaned, something that can be problematic in the case of large rugs that cover entire rooms and sit under heavy pieces of furniture. Inadequately addressing the stain on a fabric will, in most cases, leave a difference in color on the affected area.
Carpet cleaning professionals are aware of this risk and will take all the necessary steps to ensure that the fabric of the end result is as seamless as it was before any stain occurred. Even if your improper cleaning of a spot resulted in the discoloration of that area of your fabric, usually caused by usage of harsh chemicals, carpet and upholstery cleaning services offer the option to restore the fabric back to its original color. This can both include spots that are darker than the rest of the carpet as well as those whose color is lighter, like when bleach is used in an attempt to remove certain stains.
Carpets and upholsteries can also lose color over time from exposure to sunlight, referred to as fading. Unbeknownst to many, carpet cleaning professionals also offer restorative treatments to combat this exposure and loss of color throughout the carpet. There are other causes for fading besides direct sunlight, including traffic over a longer period of time, artificial light as well as water damage. Contrary to popular belief, a faded carpet doesn’t need to be thrown away or endured in its faded form. Cleaning companies will offer the option of re-dyeing the faded fabric to restore its original look. These specialists will have an eye for detail coming from years of experience that will allow them to choose the perfect color to apply in order to achieve very pleasing results and, in many cases, have the carpets and upholsteries appear brand new.
Regardless of whether your carpets and upholsteries are experiencing discoloration of a single spot due to chemical stains or are fading throughout the surface, the cleaning company will be ready to do everything in their power to restore the original appearance of the fabric. Oftentimes, the situation can look hopeless, especially when stains have been caused by some of the more notoriously hard to remove substances like blood, oil or dye. However, carpet cleaning professionals stress that you do not write off your favorite carpet or piece of furniture before consulting with them, as expertise and technology can yield results that the carpet and furniture owners might have a hard time imagining.
If you are faced with the cost of losing a piece of furniture or a carpet that was otherwise in good condition because you believe it will never be evenly colored, as well as the cost of buying a replacement, the cost of hiring a professional for evaluation seems negligible. In most cases, they will urge you to attempt restoration and the end result will almost certainly lead to you being pleased with the work done.