yruck-mount-carpet-cleaningMany professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services are done through the use of portable high-quality machines that are brought to the affected site, whether those that are smaller or larger in size. However, while being much more powerful than any commercial-grade tool used for cleaning fabrics, sometimes they will lack the power required to clean particularly difficult stains or extremely dirty surfaces where large-scale cleaning on multiple levels might be needed.
In these cases a truck mounted machine, referred to as a truckmount carpet cleaner, is used in order to add power and efficiency to the cleaning method. This is a unit that is mounted in the back of a vehicle, usually a van, and is extended to the affected site in order to perform cleaning of the magnitude that might not be doable without a lot of power being fed to the cleaning machine constantly. Needless to say, this type of cleaning is done almost exclusively by professional cleaning services as the machine will be expensive in addition to custom work needing to be done to a vehicle in order to properly connect it to the cleaning apparatus.
Where this method of cleaning would be unavailable to the majority of the population because of the cost involved, cleaning companies provide these services at an affordable price to all who might be needing them. The type of machine that will be in the back of these trucks is called a hot water extraction machine. Its basic components are a tank with heated water, hoses that bring the water to the affected site, machinery that applies water and, optionally, chemical solutions to the affected areas as well as a vacuum that will extract the water and dirt once it has been dissolved. Additionally, a drying component is added to ensure that none of the moisture is left behind after the cleaning process is complete.
The vehicle engine supplies all of these components with much more power than they would otherwise have if they were in their portable editions, greatly improving the chance of successful cleaning and reducing the time needed. In fact, a truck mounted cleaning service is preferable whenever the location allows for it. The truck will have its own water heater that will fulfill the needs for hot water by the water extraction machine, and can even provide water at a higher temperature than a portable machine would use.
This increases the range of stains that can be dealt with, as higher temperature water means that harder stain-causing solutions can be successfully dissolved and absorbed. The vacuuming will also be more powerful, extracting every bit of moist dirt and grime into the machine. The drying process that marks the end of the cleaning will also be much faster than it would if the drying apparatus lacked access to a powerful vehicle engine as its source of power. However, despite the length of the tubes that are part of this machine, a truck mounted hot water extraction might not be possible in every location. When consulting with the cleaning service, accurately describe the ease of access to the affected areas in order to prevent additional cost and effort associated with having to bring multiple machines to a site due to lack of access.