upholstery-cleaningCleaning the upholstery of any furniture in one’s home can often be a tedious process. Unlike with carpets, the fabric on furniture is usually tethered to the piece of furniture in question, and requires that special thought is put into not only the cleaning but also the drying process. Even if your upholstery isn’t blatantly in need of cleaning, you should engage in regular furniture maintenance to keep your furniture pieces looking pristine.

New Braunfels Upholstersy Cleaning is a very competitive business. We treat your items like they are our own. We use care when handling them. The best way to start off upholstery cleaning is in the form of preventive measures, before any significant stains and similar woes even occur. Regular vacuuming of the furniture, especially the upholstery, will help keep any dirt and dust, as well as pieces of food, from embedding themselves into the fibers. Be mindful of the amount of sunlight shining upon your upholstery as it can cause the colors of the fiber to fade. If you have any cushions on the furniture, rotate them regularly to prevent over-use of any single spot, and when washing them, avoid the washing machine to prevent the cushions from shrinking and losing color. Also, be mindful of placing certain items like newspapers or even darker blankets on the upholstery, as the color from these can leak onto the fabric.

If your upholstery has contracted a stain, there are several methods you can look into before seeking the assistance of professionals. As is the case with a lot of fabric stains, the first order of business is usually trying to blot out the stain as best as possible using some form of cloth. You can press and hold pieces of cloth over the stained area in hopes that they will absorb the moisture, but avoid scrubbing the area at all costs – this can only cause the stain to become deeper and that much harder to remove. You can also try using a special chemical to try and get the stain out. These either come in the form of a spot remover that aims to loosen whichever substance is causing the stain, or an absorbent compound that is applied over the stained spot with the hopes of having it draw the spot out into the absorbent that is then vacuumed away.

Manufacturers of furniture recommend that the upholstery is cleaned by a professional every year or two, but you can call upon them at any time you feel you have a particularly difficult cleaning job on your hands. These professionals will first perform a thorough examination of the furniture to assess the type of staining and level of dirt accumulation, and will then use one of the various methods at their disposal to quickly and effectively make your furniture look brand new. Their go-to cleaning method is often the hot-water extraction, which uses a special vacuum to assault the spot with bursts of hot water and then vacuum the softened particles responsible for the stains. Afterwards, the upholstery cleaning professionals apply a protecting substance on your furniture to shield the fibers from any potential future staining as well as wear and tear.